What is SACCI

Seed of Advanced & Customized Cutis Innovation

SACCI Bio's seeds based on premium raw materials search 

for beauty today to make you more glamorous.

SACCI Cosmeceutical LAB 

SACCI Cosmeceutical LAB is committed to developing nature and environment-friendly biodegradable polymers and researching safe 

and harmless products.

About Technology


Poly-Lactic Acid
Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media 


McCoom 7  & EXOVIS 

Seed of Advanced
Customized Cutis Innovation

Together, we are able to make our own directions 

which help you to experience customized cosmeceutical products based on continuously developing research data.

Address. #513, 96, Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Mail. saccibio@saccibio.com  |  Tel. 070-7727-4007